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Nov 29, 2023

In Episode 211, “The Copyright Conundrum,” Flourish and Elizabeth welcome prolific fic writer and copyright expert EarlGreyTea68 back to the podcast to discuss her new Fansplaining article, “How U.S. Copyright Law Fails Fan Creators.” After giving a little primer on copyright, trademark, fair use, and how they all intersect with fandom, EGT discusses the ways current U.S. intellectual property law is unequipped to deal with non-monetized creativity—and how the system fails everyone but the big publishers and studios. They also discuss copyright and AI, and whether copyright claims have the potential to take down LLMs and AI tools. 

And an exciting note: this episode has a sponsor!! Ellipsus is a new collaborative writing tool that lets you and your co-writers/editors/betas create different drafts and merge them together. They are very anti-generative AI, and they reached out to us because they have roots in fic fandom. Ellipsus is currently in closed beta, but if you use our SPECIAL LINK, you’ll go to the top of the list. We’ve really enjoyed testing it out—and we hope this can supplant Google Docs (ugh) in our fic writing.